Alliance talks: Rahul accuses AAP chief of ‘U-turn’; Kejriwal hits back

NEW DELHI: Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Monday said his party is willing to give four seats to the Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi and accused its chief Arvind Kejriwal of making a U-turn amid talks to forge an alliance for the Lok Sabha elections.

Asserting that an alliance between the Congress and AAP in Delhi would mean the rout of the BJP, Rahul said that doors for a tie-up with AAP are still open.

Hitting back at Gandhi, Kejriwal said that the Congress chief is only interested in posturing and not an actual alliance with AAP.

“What U-turn are you talking about? The alliance talks were still on. Your tweet suggests that you are only interested in posturing and not an alliance,” he tweeted.

Kejriwal added while Rahul says he wants to defeat PM Modi and Amit Shah, in reality he is helping them by dividing anti-BJP votes in Uttar Pradesh and other states.


Sticking to its demand for an alliance with Congress in Delhi, Haryana and Chandigarh, AAP asked why Rahul is not interested in defeating the BJP in 18 seats. While Delhi and Haryana send 7 and 10 MPs to Lok Sabha respectively, Chandigarh sends a single MP to the lower house.

“In Punjab, where Congress has 4 MPs and 20 MLAs, it is unwilling to concede a single seat. In Haryana, Congress has just one MP and doesn’t want to concede a single seat. In Delhi, it has 0 MPs and MLAs, and even there they are demanding that AAP give up three seats to them. Is this how you reach an agreement? Do you not want to stop BJP in other states,” asked AAP spokesperson Sanjay Singh.

Posing a similar query, AAP leader Gopal Rai asked why Rahul Gandhi is not interested in defeating the BJP in 18 seats.

“Rahul is opening doors to 4 seats in Delhi. AAP has opened doors to 18 seats in Delhi, Haryana and Chandigarh,” Rai tweeted.

The uncertainty over an alliance between the AAP and the Congress has been continuing for some time now. Delhi goes to polls on May 12.

AAP has demanded an alliance with the Congress in Delhi, Haryana and Chandigarh, saying that it won’t agree for a tie-up just in the national capital. Congress, however, has been insisting on restricting the tie-up to New Delhi.

The talks between the two sides derailed after they failed to reach an agreement over seat-sharing in Delhi and Haryana.

Yesterday, Kejriwal said his party will do anything to “save the country” from Narendra Modi and Amit Shah, in a clear indication of going soft on his demand for a multi-state alliance with the Congress.

Congress general secretary in charge for Delhi, P C Chacko, too, said on Sunday he expects the AAP to come around for discussing seat-sharing in Delhi. Post fetched from RSS feeds

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