An open session at DU for transgender students

The Transgender Resource Centre will hold multiple sessions to educate transgender students about the admissions process

University of Delhi’s Transgender Resource Centre (TRC) that failed to get a single student admitted in the third-gender category in DU last year, has opted a different approach to reach out to the transgender aspirants this year.

The centre has invited transgender students to the university campus for open sessions focussed on imparting information on the online admissions process, courses offered by Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) and School of Open Learning (SOL).

“We will hold a series of discussions throughout the week at the Centre, which operates from the University’s Faculty of Social Sciences. Several students are unaware of their right to education, the concept of inclusive education; some do not even know about the Supreme Court’s decision of decriminalising section 377,” says Rajesh, associate professor, Department of Adult, Continuing Education and Extension, DU, who runs the centre.

“The level of knowledge is low among the transgender youth that refrains them from applying for admissions in public universities,” he adds.

Along with an open session in the university campus, the Centre is connecting to transgender through outreach programmes organised in collaboration with volunteering groups in Azadpur, Simapuri, Jahangirpuri etc.

“These areas have been the common residential hubs of the transgender community. It becomes easier to reach out to a large number of people without displacing them from their comfort zones. We are reaching out to people as opposed to last year when we expected people to connect with us on their own,” he adds.

The information is being widely shared by the Centre on various WhatsApp group, phone calls and social media platforms.

The Centre is also conducting workshops and educational sessions at several government schools in Delhi for class XII students, who will be joining Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) in the academic session 2020-21. “There is a dearth of awareness at the school level, which often leads the transgender students to drop out of school and quit education. We are trying to sensitise students, parents and teachers to create an inclusive environment for all children,” adds Rajesh.

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