How to Apply Online for Driving License – Parivahan Sarathi Driving License Online Application

parivahan sarathi driving license online application

One can apply online for Driving License at Parivahan Sarathi web portal. The website is launched by Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Government of India allowing citizens of all states to do driving license online application. Not only this, user can also track driving license status, parivahan rc status online. This is a step by step process which is explained in the content of this article. So, if you too want to apply for Driving License online, here’s a step by step guide that helps you do so at web portal.

Step by Step Guide for Parivahan Sarathi Online Application

Stage-1: Fill Applicant Details

In this stage, you need to enter details about the license you have. You will have three choices based on the type of Driving License, out of which you need to enter details of any one selected choice. The choices are;

  1. Holding Learner’s Licence
  2. Holding Foreign DL
  3. Holding Defense Licence

There will be separate form for each of above choices. If you are having a Learning License, then select the first choice. If you are having a Foreign Driving License, then select choice 2, and if you are holding a defense driving license, select the third option. The screen shots will give you an idea.

Holding Learner’s Licence

Holding Foreign DL

parivahan sarathi driving license apply online

Holding Defense Licence

driving license parivahan

Stage-2Upload Documents

Once you fill the desired Driving License form, you can upload the documents as well. This is stage-2 of your online driving license application at parivahan sarathi.

Stage-3: Upload Photo and Signature if required (applicable for only some states)

Now upload your passport sized photograph and signature. Please note, this step may not be required under certain conditions. So, make sure you read the Parivahan Sarathi guidelines before you proceed.

Stage-4: DL Test Slot Booking (applicable for only some states)

After uploading documents, Photo, and signature, you can now book the date of DL test. Choose the date on which you want to give your Driving License test. Again, DL test slot booking is applicable to few selected states only.

Stage-5: Payment of Fee

Finally, pay fees online and complete the step.

This is how one can apply online for driving license at

Track Driving License Status Online

Ministry of Road Transport & Highways official website provides a medium to check RC Status online. If you have applied for RC, you will be glad to know that parivihan rc status ca be checked online. You need not to visit the Vehicle Registration Office again and again to enquire about Parivahan Registration Certificate Status. You can do this while sitting at your place.

Want to know how?

Just follow the steps given below and know it yourself.

Steps to Check RC Status Parivahan

Step-1: Go to 

Step-2: Click on “Online Services” tab

Step-3: Select “Know Your Vehicle Details” from the drop down menu

Step-4: Now you will see Know Your RC Status page asking you to enter Registration Number of Vehicle and Mobile number.

Here, you need to enter the registration number of vehicle whose RC Status you want to check. Alongwith this, you have to enter your mobile number which is registered with Parivahan department. Once you do that, enter the security code to generate an OTP.

Step-5: You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number. Enter the OTP received on the next screen to check Parivahan RC Status online. This is the last step to check RC Status parivahan online.

This is how you can check RC Status of Parivahan online.

About Parivaahan

The Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRTH) provided various online services for over 1000 Road Transport Offices (RTOs) across the country. The online portal of Parivahan is launched with an aim to automate the Vehicle Registration and Driving License related activities in the country. This has improved the quality of service delivered to the citizen.

Online Services Offered at Parivahan are as follows:

  • Vahan Service
  • Sarathi Service
  • Fancy Number
  • Know Your Vehicle Details
  • Know Your Vahan Details


About Parivahan Sarathi

Parivahan is an online portal launched by Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Government of India. It offers a multitude of online services for the welfare of common citizen. Vahan and Sarathi are two major services offered at

Vahan is the online portal where user can do vehicle registration online. It’s online vehicle registration service that allows user to pay taxes, fees, and register his vehicle online.

Sarathi is another online portal that aims to cater Driving License activities of all states. Parivahan Sarathi allows you to apply online for Driving License and Learning License. Whether you are holding a learning license, foreign license, or defense license, driving license online application at Parivahan sarathi is quite simple and time saving.

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  1. Sir I Have one issue to apply For new driving licence, i have my learning licence.when I Put my learning licence number and date of birth on website parivahan it shows me invalid LL Number so can you please tell me format of learner’s licence number.

      1. I have the same issue. When applying for a permanent driving license through parivahan website, when I put learners license number nd DOB it gives error ‘Invalid LL number’. Can you tell us the FORMAT OF LEARNERS LICENSE? Or why is this happening?

  2. I got the LL on 15-04-2017, I am trying to book slot for DL test on 16-05-17 but error message appears.
    “Entered application number is not pending at slot booking”
    how to deal with it.
    I havnt book DL slot earlier

    1. I am having same issue
      Application number is not pending at slot booking..
      what is issue here? or what does it suppose to mean for us?

  3. सर मेरा लर्निंग लाइसेंस 03-04-2017 को बन गया अब मैं स्लॉट बुक कराता हूं तो स्लॉट बुक नहीं हो पाताERROR MESSAGE. Entered application number is not pending at slot booking लिखा हुआ आता है मैं स्लॉट कैसे बुक करूं कृपया बताएं।

  4. सर मेरा लर्निंग लाइसेंस 03-04-2017 को बन गया अब मैं स्लॉट बुक कराता हूं तो स्लॉट बुक नहीं हो पाताERROR MESSAGE. Entered application number is not pending at slot booking लिखा हुआ आता है

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