How to Check Birth Certificate Application Status Online

crsorgi birth certificate

The official website of Office of the Registrar General and Census Commissioner, India i.e can be used to register online for Birth & Death Certificate Online. Not only this, one can also check application status of Birth Certificate & Death Certificate online.  If you do not know about this website or want some information about online verification/registration of CRSORGI Death & Birth Certificates, thoroughly read this article.

This article throws light on how to check application status of birth certificate and death certificate online using this website. This is step by step guide that helps you download birth/death certificate as well.

How to Register Online for Birth Certificate

crsorgi birth certificate registration verification

Step-1: Go to official website of crsorgi. The link to website is given below:

Step-2: Click on General Public Signup link under the User Login tab

Step-3: You will see sign up form like this:

crsorgi birth death certificate

Step-4: Fill the form with asked details and click on Register button in the end

Step-5: A confirmation link along with CRSORGI User ID wil be send on your registered email ID. Go to your email account to activate the link

Step-6: Set a New Password for crsorgi account login and confirm the same by re-entering it

Step-7: Go to website once again and login with User ID and Password

Step-8: Click on Application Under Submission under the Birth option in the menu

Step-9: Following screen will appear asking for general birth details:

crsorgi birth certifcate application status

Step-10: Enter the details as asked and click on Search option. Birth Certificate Application Status will be displayed on your screen.

To Check Application Status of Death Certificate from website, process will be the same. You just need to click on Death option instead of Birth.

How to Check Application Status of Registered Birth

To Check application status of reported Birth, login to Crsorgi portal with User ID and Password. Move your cursor to the Birth tab. Select the Application Under Submission option. Give general details about the even like Date of Reporting, Date of Birth, Parents Details, Place etc. Click on Search button in the end and you will get the updated status of your application easily.

Guidelines to Enter the Reference No. in Birth Certificate Application Status

While entering the Reference Number, follow the format given below:

“BA2016903069001IN-000001” (Event reported by Medical Institutions)


“BA201690306900DO-000001” (Event reported by DEO of RU)

“BA2016903069-00000001” (Home Event reported by General Public through portal)

“BA3192652015990105-000013” (Event reported before 15-Jan-2016)

Here BA =>> Birth Application
2016 =>> Reporting Year
9 =>> State code
03069 =>> the Registration Unit(RU) where Birth event is reported

How to Download the Birth Certificate

After entering all details about your child and hitting the Search buttonyou will see complete list of Birth Search Result registered in website. Click on “View” button. The birth certificate will appear on your screen. Scroll down and click on “Print” button. This is how you can download the birth certificate online.

Hope this works for you.


17 thoughts on “How to Check Birth Certificate Application Status Online”

  1. Its not working anymore ,

    @Rohan – I can confirm after login as well search option (which is mentioned as Application under submission) is not useful anymore as its not showing any result for any search criteria. Sad such a good initiative/service also went on toss for what reason , not sure.

      1. When signing up the date of occurrence of event has to be given which should be of twenty one days or less. Without that we will not be able to sign up. I need to provide my daughter’s name to be updated in the birth certificate. Please help.

  2. it provides only when new events are happend but it is not usefull to get old birth certificats i born in 1990 how can i get my birth certificate?

  3. as it is shown in demo, search/view option, it is not available in reality for public (even after login). in that place, it is written as-
    Please visit concern Registrar (Birth/Death) office for issuing, printing, verifying or checking the status of birth/death certificate.
    also it is true that this website works for recent child birth, but it cannot give birth certificate for old people. then how to get a birth certificate of people born 10/20/30 years ago?

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