How to Contact Salman Khan Personally without Contact Number, Mobile Number, Watsapp Number

Contact Salman Khan

So, you are a big fan of Salman Khan and want to meet him personally. Well,let me tell you dear, this is not that easy. But, real fans never afraid of challenges, right? To help all such dedicated fans of Salman Khan who want to contact Salman Khan Personally, we have come up with this article on “how to contact Salman Khan personally”. Meeting Salman Khan is not about getting Salman Khan Contact Number, Salman Khan Mobile Number, or Salman Khan Watsapp Number. Instead, it is about approaching a right method through proper research.

There are 4 methods to meet Salman Khan ethically without breaking any law. You will learn about these methods in the contents of this article. So, let’s get started.

How to Meet Salman Khan Personally without Salman Khan Contact Number, Salman Khan Mobile Number, or Salman Khan Watsapp Number

#1 Drop a message on Salman Khan Facebook Page(Official)

salman khan facebook id

To contact Salman Khan on Facebook, you need to search for Salman Khan real facebook id. Though, you won’t see message option there but what you can do is simply comment on any of his Facebook posts and let him know what you want to say.

It is true that Salman Khan Facebook Fans list is too big and chances that he notices your comment are very less but atleast you can try. You have to be super unique while dropping yuor comment so that if by chance he sees it, does not ignores. Another thing while contacting Salman Khan on Facebook is that you are not supposed to drop any abusive, unethical messages.

#2 Put a Query on Salman Khan Being Human Website

being human salman khan contact number

Getting Being Human Foundation Contact Number is difficult but you can try on Salman Khan Being Human Website to contact him. This is an indirect method to contact Salman Khan personally. For this you have to visit Salman Khan Being Human Official Website and drop a query.

You need not to join Being Human Foundation for this, just open the website, enter your Name, Phone Number, Email, and finally enter what you want to ask. Submit the message and wait for the reply.

This is an alternative method to meet Salman Khan Personally. As Being Human belongs to Salman Khan Charity List, please drop genuine message there.

#3 Tweet on Salman Khan Twitter Page(Official)

salman Khan Twitter

Do you have any idea about Salman Khan Twitter Followers & Fans? It’s 22.1M followers till April 2017 and we are damn sure that these Salman Khan Twitter Stats will boost in coming days too. So, the question is that are you on twitter? If yes, follow Salman Khan on Twitter. He is available with twitter username @BeingSalmanKhan.

Salman Khan Twitter Page is the best place to contact Salman Khan personally. Since stars used to answer their fans’ queries, chances are there he answers your question too. Again you have to be unique yet modest while asking your question. Do not directly ask him about Salman Khan Contact number. Be smart with your technique.

Tell him how big fan you are and why should he consider your request. An ideal fan never asks for Salman Khan Mobile Number or Salman Khan Watsapp Number directly.

#4 Visit Salman Khan House Personally

salman khan address









This many seem daring but if worked your much awaited dream will come true. You can visit Salman Khan House to meet him one on one. This is far beyond your imagination but it can happen. Things you should keep in mind before planning for this step is:

Note down Salman Khan Address i.e. 3, Galaxy Apartments, BJ Road Band Stand, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra – 400050, India. Yes, it is true that Salman Khan has house in many cities but this is his permanent address where he lives with his family. He sopends most of his time on this address as compared to other addresses. Salman Khan Mumbai House Address should be the first step for you.

Secondly, research for his current schedule. Is he shooting for a film, went on a trip, or chilling at his place. If the third option is true, be ready to go Mumbai.

Third step is the final and daring step. Getting near to Salman Khan House is full of risk. There will be tight security not even allowing you to get close to the gate. Ideally, you should not make attempts to enter the house instead you should stand somewhere close to the house and wait for Salman Khan to come outside the house. If the moment comes when you sees Salman Khan coming out from his house you can call him and meet him. Again, the security may not allow you to meet him but there is no harm in trying.

Just imagine, how great will be when you’l meet Salman Khan and shake hands with him.

i want to meet salman khan

This was all about how to contact Salman Khan Personally.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this article.

Please share your thoughts with us.

Hope you meet Bajrangi Bhaijan soon 🙂

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