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Online application process for Residence certificate in Odhisa is quite simple. Though, the process is not completely online as you have to submit the application form to edistrict Orissa office personally. But yes, you can download the residence certificate online application form online from www.edistrictorissa.gov.in website.

In this article, you will learn how to apply online for a residence certificate in Odhisa. You will get to know about the service charges and documents required to get the certificate.

Apply Online for Residence Certificate in Odhisa

  1. Go to www.edistrictorissa.gov.in website
  2. Click on Application Forms link under the Quick links section
  3. Hit enter on Click button given against the Issuance of Residence Certificate option
  4. Application form for Odhisa Residence Certificate will appear on your screen in MS word format
  5. Download the form and get a print out of it
  6. Fill the form completely and submit to the district center of your area with required documents

You will get notified for the issuance of residence certificate soon.

Documents Required & Service Payment

  • Land passbook
  • Proof of residence: – RoR
  • Voter Identity Card
  • Any other supporting document in support or claim

Charges & Fees

To apply for a residence certificate in edistrictorissa.gov.in, you have to pay following fees as service charges:

Kiosk operator Service Charge: – RS 18
Print charge: – RS 10
Scanning charge per unit: – RS 5
Government fees: – RS 30
Degs fees: – RS 2

Total Fees: Rs. 65/-

Edistrict Orissa Centres to Submit Application Forms

There are a total of 442 e-district centres, including Mayurbhanj and Ganjam , where you can submit Odhisa Residence Certificate Application Form. Click the link given below to check the edistrict centre near your area.

Office Details in edistrict Orissa

Check Application Status of Residence Certificate Online

Once you have applied for the certificate and few days have gone, you can check the status of application on edictrict orissa website. Click the link given below to check your status.

edistrict Orissa Residence Certificate Application Status Link

Enter the reference number of your form in the text box and look for your status online. You will get to know the exact date when your certificate will be issued.

Hope you find this information useful.

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