Exclusive: Shahid in no hurry to sign films

Shahid Kapoor is enjoying the best phase of his career as Kabir Singh inches towards the 250 cr mark. The biggest hit of 2019, is a storm refusing to stop at the box office, with the trade expecting the film to cross 300 cr.
While most would expect the star to go on a signing spree since he is getting the best of offers after the success of ‘Kabir Singh’, a source reveals that Shahid isn’t rushing into things and is taking his time to choose strong content.

Reveals the source, “Inspite of Kabir Singh’s massive success, things have not changed for Shahid. Instead of having a big party to also celebrate the success of the film, Shahid chose to have a quiet anniversary celebration with his family. Shahid has always focussed on his performance and giving his best to any project he undertakes. The success of the film hasn’t altered his beliefs and values. If anything, it has only encouraged him to work harder and choose strong content. Considering Kabir Singh is one of the highest grossers ever, one would expect him to increase his price or go on a film signing spree, however, Shahid is taking his time to select the right kind of films.”

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