Exit polls: Close fight in MP, C’garh; Cong win in Raj, TRS in Telangana

NEW DELHI: The political battle in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh is expected to go down to the wire with the exit polls predicting a hung assembly in both the states. However, the Congress is all set to return to power in Rajasthan after a gap of 5 years and the TRS in Telangana, if the exit poll predictions come true on December 11, when the votes will be counted.

In Mizoram, the Congress could be on its way out, according to the exit polls.

Updates: Hung House in MP, Chhattisgarh; Cong win in Rajasthan, predicts poll of exit polls

Madhya Pradesh:

Exit polls predict + a close contest between the BJP and the Congress in this key state. A poll of 8 exit polls predicts Congress winning 113 seats, the BJP winning 107 and others 10. Madhya Pradesh assembly has 230 seats and the majority mark is 116.

In 2013, the BJP had won 165 seats, the Congress bagged 58 seats, while 4 seats went to the BSP and others got 3.


In neighbouring Chhattisgarh also, the BJP and the Congress are locked in a close contest + with the poll of 8 exit polls predicting a hung assembly in the state. The BJP is predicted to win 40 seats, Congress 44 and the others 6. The Chhattisgarh assembly has 90 seats and the majority mark is 46.

BJP managed to cross the half-way mark in 2013, winning 49 seats, while the Congress won 39 seats and BSP+ won a single seat.


In Rajasthan, the Congress seems all set to return to power + after a gap of five years with a poll of 6 exit polls predicting a comfortable win for the party. The exit polls predict 115 seats for the Congress and 76 seats for the BJP. The others are likely to win 8 seats. The Rajasthan assembly has 200 seats, but polls have been held only for 199 seats. The half-way mark in the state assembly at present is 100.

The BJP had swept the state in 2013 winning 163 seats, the Congress bagged 21 and others got 13.


In Telangana, K Chandrashekhar Rao’s gamble to call early election seems to have paid off with the exit polls predicting a win for the TRS + . The exit polls predict 66 seats for TRS and 39 seats for the Congress-led alliance. The BJP is likely to win 5 seats.

In 2014, the TRS won 63 seats, the Congress bagged 21, TDP 15, BJP 5, AIMIM 7, YSRCP won 3 and other 5 seats.


The Congress is expected to lose its lone bastion in the northeast, according to exit polls. The MNF is expected to get 16-20 seats, coming close to the half-way mark. Congress is likely to get 14-18 seats.

In 2013, Congress won with a thumping majority, bagging 34 seats. The MNF won 5 and the MPC got 1.

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