Goa schools warned to adhere to bus safety guidelines by state

PANAJI: Schools in Goa have been asked by the directorate of education (DoE) to strictly adhere to the school bus safety guidelines notified by the state government in January 2016.

In a circular issued on Tuesday by director of education Nagraj Honnekeri, schools have been reminded that they have to apply for permit for the bus with the transport department to be able to use it to carry school children. Even private operators who use their vehicle to carry school students have to apply for the transport department permit.

It is essential that buses belonging to institutions state in clear and bold letters on its body that it is a ‘school bus’, also mentioning the name of the institute.

Every school bus shall have, in addition to driver, an attendant.

“The attendant present in the school bus shall attend to the needs of children travelling in the school bus and ensure their safety while they are embarking or disembarking from the school bus and shall also keep a general vigil during the course of complete journey.”

The lowest foot step of the board of school bus shall be at a height not exceeding 220 mm from the ground and all steps should be fitted with non-slip treads, as per the school bus safety guidelines.

The windows of school bus shall be fitted with horizontal grills, the norm state.

The driver of school bus or vehicle shall have 5 years experience of driving

A driver who has been challaned even once for the offence of over speeding, drunken driving and dangerous driving, etc., shall not be employed.

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