How Priyanka could be different from Rahul

NEW DELHI: Lucknow – the city of nawabs – was witness to a historic roadshow by Congress President Rahul Gandhi and his sister Priyanka Gandhi. Ever since Priyanka took the political plunge, one question has crossed everyone’s mind and that is – will her style of politics be the same as her brother? If not, then how different will it be? Here are some reasons why Priyanka’s politics could be a lot different from most politicians including Rahul Gandhi.
If there is any one way to describe Priyanka Gandhi’s approach, it would be her decision to meet Nalini Sriharan, who is serving life imprisonment for her role in Priyanka’s father, Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination in 2008. It was her way of making peace with the violence and loss experienced by her. At that time, Rahul had publicly said he had a different way of looking at it, but he didn’t have a problem with it either.

For those who have interacted with Priyanka and Rahul both, most will grudgingly admit that the former is much quicker in decision making. Priyanka is known to take on-the-spot decision when required while Rahul prefers to go over the pros-and-cons before arriving at a decision. For example, Rahul had a Twitter account @OfficeofRG opened way back in 2015, but it was changed to @RahulGandhi only in March 2017. Priyanka on the other hand has gone straight ahead with @Priyanka Gandhi on Monday.

The other marked difference in their style of functioning is also in the flexibility department. Though Rahul takes his time before arriving at a conclusion, but once that it done, he is unlikely to change his mind. For example, when social activist Anna Hazare was at the peak of his popularity during the anti-corruption movement in 2011, Rahul could have easily defused the situation by personally going to meet Anna and convincing him to end his fast. Since Rahul had made up his mind that he didn’t appreciate Anna’s methods, he refused to have anything to do with him then.

Priyanka on the other hand appears more open to change if the situation demands so. As per reports, Sonia Gandhi and Priyanka’s last-minute intervention had saved the Samajwadi Party-Congress alliance just before the 2017 assembly polls. At that time, Akhilesh Yadav was in no mood to grant more than 100 seats as demanded by Congress. Even though BJP swept to power, the intervention ensured SP-Congress alliance stayed on course on most of the 403 seats in the state.

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