Kerala rain: Army deployed for rescue operations

KOCHI: Eight columns of the Indian Army have been deployed in various parts of state in order to aid the state administration with disaster relief and rescue operations.

One column from the Pangode Military Station and one from Defence Security Corps (DSC) are undertaking rescue operations at Idukki.


DSC has also sent another four columns to Iritty in Kannur, Thamarassery in Kozhikode, Malappuram and Wayanad. Three columns from the Military Engineer Services, two from Bengaluru and one from Hyderabad are also assisting in the rescue operations at Kozhikode and the Wayanad.

Defence officials said that recuse operations in Wayand is particularly challenging due to the heavy flow of water. The DSC column in Wayanad has split into two and had been conducting rescues operations at Panamaram and Vythiri.


Meanwhile, as of Friday afternoon, the Indian Navy had rescued around 50 people stranded at the Panamaram, Wayanad. On Friday, the Navy has set up two teams in Wayanad aiding the state in the rescue operations at Aluva and a stand-by team in Kalamassery.

Navy officials said that in order to deal with the possible flooding of Wellingdon Island, Kochi caused by the increased flow from Kakki dam, Pathanamthitta and Cheruthoni dam, Idukki later on Friday, the Southern Naval Command prepared three teams of 50 men each, who have been equipped and ready to be deployed. A medical team from INHS Sanjivani will also assist in the rescue operations.

Meanwhile, the Army officials said that recuse operations in Kozhikode have been challenging as the rains have washed damaged the all the roads. On Friday morning, the Army had built several small bridged in Thamarassery to continue rescue operations.

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