Kotak Mutual Fund Go Digital Scheme Launched to Build Website/App

Kotak Mutual Fund Go Digital Scheme is launched on Tuesday, 11 April 2017 to offer a comprehensive digital solution to distributors. Yes, with KMF Go Digital initiative, IFAs will be able to build their own website and app at a price which is just one third to the normal cost.

Go Digital Scheme is actually an open architecture platform that helps distributors to build their own website or mobile app. The website designed under KMF Go Digital platform will be euipped with back office software, scheme factsheet, initiate transaction facility for all AMCs, fund recommendation and e-locker facility for document management. In short, the Kotak Motual Fund distributors can take advantage of this digital platform to increase productivity and customer convenience.

kotak mutual fund go digital scheme

About Optimum Fintech

Optimum Fintech is the technology Solution Provider under Kotak Mutual Fund Go Digital Scheme. They will assist distributors in building their website and app by providing a dedicated server space and other necessary stuff required. Kotak Mutual Fund will play a role of Knowledge partner here enabling its distributors to go digital.

KMF Go Digital Pricing & Other Charges

Earlier if a distributor was to set up a website wit the capabilities mentioned above, he had to pay around Rs. 60000/- – 75000/- excluding annual maintenance charges. But with KMF Go Digital Scheme, the same thing can be done at an affordable price of Rs. 20000/-. However, the distributor has to pay  Rs. 10000/- as maintenance cost too.

How to Get Started with Kotak MF’s Go Digital Scheme?

To reap the benefits of Kotak Mutual Fund Go Digital Scheme, IFAs has to visit Optimum Fintech’s website www.optimumfintech.com and fill in their details. There will be an option to either buy the product or request a demo. They can choose the appropriate option to get started with GO Digital Scheme by Kotak MF.

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