Modi alone can’t win you polls, he tells cadre

NEW DELHI: Emphasising that polling booths must be manned and elections fought hard, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday told BJP cadre that they should understand the value of organisation and not depend on their winning talisman alone to see the party to victory in the Lok Sabha elections.
“Ek hawa phailti hai Modi aayega sab theek ho jaayega, sab jeet jayenge … baazi palat denge. It is nice to hear. But I want to say that Modi is a child of the organisation. If we had not been tested in the crucible of the (party) organisation, we would slip on such sweet talk,” he said.

In an 80-minute speech to the BJP national council here where he launched a hard-hitting attack on the moves for opposition unity, saying the choice is between a “mazboot (strong)” government and a “majboor (helpless)” one, he also sought to warn his party about the perils of complacency. “The rains may have been good and the seeds too. But we know that if the farmer does not plough the fields in time-…will the seed and rains be any use? Similarly the electoral field has to be prepared,” Modi said. “My booth is the strongest…this is the only winning mantra,” he said.

Modi dwelt at length on the opposition moves for an alliance, saying it was revealing that parties that opposed Congress when it was strong are not keen on joining hands with it when the party is down in the dumps.

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