Oppn wants ‘majboor sarkar’, country wants ‘majboot sarkar’: PM Modi

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said the opposition wants the government to be weak and helpless so that they can loot the country.

Addressing the BJP‘s National Convention at Ramlila Maidan here, PM Modi said “These days, a campaign is going on to publicise a failed experiment in the history of Indian politics by the name of ‘mahagathbandhan’. These people are trying to make a ‘majboor sarkaar’ (a helpless government). They don’t want a ‘majboot sarkar’ (a strong government) to be formed as their scam shop will be closed again.”

“We want a strong government so that farmers get the right price for crops, opposition wants a majboor government to be able to do a urea scam,” said PM Modi.

Taking a jibe at the opposition coalition, PM Modi said “while politics is based on ideas and coalitions are based on a vision, this is the first time when all these political parties are uniting to defeat just one person.”

Speaking on Ayodhya land dispute case, PM Modi said that the Congress does not want the issue to be resolved.

“Congress is trying to obstruct the Ayodhya case through its lawyers, and it was even ready to impeach the CJI using false allegations. What kind of mentality does the Congress have which works against the country’s interest on every issue?” said the Prime Minister.

On the criticism of the 10% quota for the general category poor, PM Modi said that it is not the solution for all the problems but “has the potential to take the country in a new direction”.

10 per cent reservation in education and government jobs for the youth from economically weaker sections will enhance the confidence of ‘New India’, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, asserting that the new arrangement will not encroach upon anyone’s rights.

Speaking about the problems faced by farmers, PM Modi said earlier governments saw farmers (annadata) as only ‘matdata’ (voters), while his government was constantly trying to address challenges faced by them.

“We are working day and night to double farmers’ income by 2022,” he said.

PM Modi slammed Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Chhattisgarh governments for banning CBI in their respective states and asked what irregularities had these governments done.
“Despite being harassed for 12 years by UPA govt when I was Gujarat CM, we didn’t ban entry of CBI in the state,” PM Modi said.
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