PGs, hostels, service apartments come under Kudla police radar

MANGALURU: In order to root out drug abuse in the educational hub of Karnataka, the city police have clamped down several rules for PGs, homestays, guest houses, hostels and service apartments. Eight rules aimed at increasing safety of inmates and to curb the drug menace have come into effect in the city police commssionerate, said Sandeep Patil, city police commissioner.

“Mangaluru city, which is being developed at a fast pace, has been identified as a major hub of education and commerce. The city has many higher education institutions and industrial units, and students and job seekers reside in various hostels, paying guest (PG) accommodations, service apartments and guest houses of the institutions. To prevent illegal activities in those hostels, paying guest accommodations and service apartments, rules have been promulgated under Sections 65 and 70 of the Karnataka Police Act 1963,” the commissioner said.

“All hostels run by educational institutions as well as private ones and PG accommodations and lodges, have been mandated to obtain licence or permission for the same from departments concerned. Details of the paying guest hostel which include name, address, contact number and identity card must be submitted to the jurisdictional police station. Details of all inmates such as name, contact number and id proof should also be submitted to the jurisdictional police station,” Patil said.

“In case a foreign national is an inmate in the PG or hostel, the property owners should submit their passport, visa and other details within 15 days of joining the facility. They should also inform police stations, when such foreign inmates leave the accommodation,” Patil said.

“All the hostels and PGs should install CCTVs in their premises, and it should be installed at the building entrance or main road. The CCTV footage must be stored for at least 30 days. Hostel or PG owners should make arrangements so that no strangers enter the premises. The owners must inform police and also ensure that no illegal activities take place in the PG or hostel. They should also prevent noise pollution on the premises,” he added.

Rules for PGs, hostels and service apartments

* Obtain licence for PGs/hostels

* Submit details to jurisdictional police station.

* Submit details of all inmates to jurisdictional police station.

* Inform about foreign nationals.

* Install CCTVs

* No entry for strangers in PGs/ hostels

* Inform about illegal activities to police immediately.

* Prevent noise pollution.

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